Busy Beaver Express, Inc. is a fully-insured, privately-owned courier service, providing fast, dependable delivery service to the Greater Tampa Bay areas and Florida since 1995.

Busy Beaver Express, Inc.- Your Tampa Courier Service

BRANDON: (813) 681-6402 • TAMPA: (813) 224-0200 • LAKELAND: (863) 682-3973 • 
DADE CITY: (352) 437-4868
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-518-6816 • 
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Why The Beav?

+ Know Your Costs Up Front

+ Keep Total Control

+ Reduce Your Cargo Liability

+ Reduce Your Employee Liability

+ Never Say Never

+ Increase Your Office Productivity

+ Save Time & Aggravation 

+ Enjoy Professional Representation 

+ Reduce Your Overall Costs 

+ Enjoy Peace of Mind 


Know Your Costs Up Front – we have no hidden fuel charges and this allows you to know exactly what you will pay for a delivery up front. When you ask a courier for a service price, be sure to ask how much their fuel charges are…15%, 24%, 35%?? These charges are added to the flat rate, and many times are not discussed.

Keep Total Control – when you need an answer from Busy Beaver Express, just pickup the phone. We are in constant communications with our drivers and can tell you where your delivery is in seconds. You can stop a delivery, add a stop to your order, change locations, and more – a live person is always available to help you. Reduce Your Cargo Liability – when you call Busy Beaver to move your cargo it’s insured by us. And, our drivers are bonded and insured.

Reduce Your Employee Liability - you and your employees are at risk on the road. When you or your staff drive while on company time, your company workers’ compensation is often responsible for any injuries that may occur in a car accident.

Increase Your Office Productivity – calling Busy Beaver Express to do your errands gives you or your staff more time at the office to complete more important projects. With a quick phone call, we are extended team members ready to run errands and delivery/pickup 1 ounce packages to 2,000 lbs of cargo.

Never Say Never - do you have a logistic nightmare on your hands? You missed overnight service with the big boys. Your package MUST get to City x by tomorrow for a critical meeting? 95 percent of the time, Busy Beaver can get it done.

Save Time & Aggravation - when you use Busy Beaver Express you are not turned over to an automated system. Just pickup the phone and get an answer. You will not get stuck in automation land forced to select your way through option after option, just to leave a message.

Enjoy Professional Representation - polite, neat drivers wearing Busy Beaver Express Logo shirts  provide courteous service to you and your customers at all times. Drivers also wear picture I.D.s for security purposes.

Reduce Your Overall Costs -  if you breakdown the costs associated with sending an employee on a company errand you may be surprised!  There’s the employee’s hourly wage plus approximately 25 percent benefits including workers’ compensation. Then, most employers pay $ .48 per mile for car expense. Moreover, don’t forget the work that isn’t done in your office while the employee is gone. At a minimum, you are looking at $15 or more per hour.

Enjoy Peace of Mind -  we've provided service to The Greater Bay area and beyond since 1995 which allows us the confidence to guarantee our services. We are proud of our successful track record with many satisfied customers - a few are listed under the tab Testimonials. Our proof of stability guarantees we will get the job done rain or shine.

Leave It To The Beaver, your hassle free-courier service.


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BRANDON: (813) 681-6402 • TAMPA: (813) 224-0200 • LAKELAND: (863) 682-3973 • 
DADE CITY: (352) 437-4868
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-518-6816 • 

A dedicated 24/7 service phone line is available to customers that register for 24/7 service 
and for those not enrolled in our 24/7 program,
weekend and after/before hours service is available when scheduled during office hours.

We accept  Debit & Check Cards

All Credit Cards Accepted

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