Busy Beaver Express, Inc. is a fully-insured, privately-owned courier service, providing fast, dependable delivery service to the Greater Tampa Bay areas and Florida since 1995.

Busy Beaver Express, Inc.- Your Tampa Courier Service

BRANDON: (813) 681-6402 • TAMPA: (813) 224-0200 • LAKELAND: (863) 682-3973 • 
DADE CITY: (352) 437-4868
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-518-6816 •
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How to save money when using Busy Beaver Express.

When you don’t need a Super Rush.

The least expensive pickup charge – other than high volume or regularly scheduled routes – is 

when you call before 10 a.m. and give us to 5 p.m. to deliver. This is called an Express delivery. 

Just make sure your package is ready when you call.


Deliveries and pickups in the same zip code.

When possible, call in multiple pickups at the same time for a group discount. Packages going to 

the same ZIP codes are discounted. If you have five packages going to one address, this is only 

one stop with one charge. So if several people in your office call for courier service, it’s easy to 

miss out on multiple stop discounts. 


The more business you do, the less expensive it is.

If your courier needs exceed $2,000 per month or you have a route (same places, same days, same times, weekly), please ask about our special discounts for volume and/or routes.


Thank you to our customers!

If you are reading this and you are already a customer, THANK YOU! Complete the online survey once every six months and get a $10 credit to your account or $10 gift card for dining out each time - you 

must use our service 4 times or reach a dollar volume of $85 during the 30 days prior to your survey 

date to qualify for the $10 gift/credit. Let us know at the bottom of your survey if you would like a 

credit or gift card. If you select gift card, please email orders@busybeaverexpress.com to let us know it arrived safely. Click to go to survey.


Do you love The Beav? Tell Someone!

If you think The Beav provides excellent service, please tell a friend or business associate. Be sure 

to tell them to let us know you sent them our way! In return, when your referral becomes our customer 

and uses our services 3 times, we credit your account $25. If you prefer a $25 gift card to your favorite restaurant, let us know when we call you to thank you for the new customer. And, there is no limit to the number of referrals you send our way. Five referrals sent by you, five new customers that use Busy Beaver Express, equal a $125 credit applied to your account.

Leave It To The Beaver, your hassle free-courier service. 


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BRANDON: (813) 681-6402 • TAMPA: (813) 224-0200 • LAKELAND: (863) 682-3973 • 
DADE CITY: (352) 437-4868
TOLL-FREE: 1-888-518-6816 •

A dedicated 24/7 service phone line is available to customers that register for 24/7 service 
and for those not enrolled in our 24/7 program,
weekend and after/before hours service is available when scheduled during office hours.

We accept  Debit & Check Cards

All Credit Cards Accepted

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